Dawn's Running Page


In 2005 I decided to run a 10 km race in under one hour. This would be faster than I did the Flora Women's 10 km about 20 years earlier. I was only going to do it if I was sure that I could meet my goal. 

On 20 Feb Baldur and I ran in the Leiden Roadrunnersloop. We did 5km because neither of us was in training. The nice thing about it was that we could run down there as our warm up. Part of the route was in Voorschoten and was familiar running territory. I came in 56th of 100 women and was 38th in the 20+ group. My time was 28:32 which is 10.51 km/h. Baldur did it in 24:39,  12.17 km/h,  was 78th of 150 men and 47th in the 20+ age group.  Not 10 km but within the target time.

I run the Leiden Singelloop on 22 April 2005 over a distance of 6.4 km. Again not 10km but I was happy to come in under my target time.

Monique and I then planned to do our 10 km run at the Leiden Marathon in June. Unfortunately just 1.5 weeks before the race, I pulled my muscle. I had been running but it happened when I was cycling home afterwards. That meant I was out of running for a few months and although I started running again, I never got around to doing a 10km run.

It will have to be in 2006 then....